Felicity Smoak makes a great character of all time


The most loved character of Arrow season, Felicity Smoak made a standout change in the audience life. Felicity Smoak is the most online voted best female character. And she does not have any link with Royal family neither show any signs of being a Princess. But still, she wins the war in audience niche. Her personality in the show owns a refreshing strong intense role. according to sources, it Felicity needs to stay for just one episode merely for a guest appearance but due to the love of fans and her outstanding performance, she stayed on the show until now. It is because Felicity has become an essential character to the show and one of the fan favorite roles. So, get to know more about Felicity Smoak.

Felicity Smoak

About Felicity Smoak


She lives in the Starling City. The city is a metropolis that is plagued with corruption and crime.


Felicity is an IT specialist in Arrow season at Queen Consolidated and she works as Arrow`s vigilante by night. The intelligent lady is expert in almost all tech things and can also perform hacking due to which Arrow`s members take advantage. Her hacking capabilities are invaluable and grow with time. Thus, you can say she is the perfect package of the season beauty with brains.


Felicity is interested in red wine, justice, and hackisim.


Felicity is in a relationship with Oliver Queen. They both work together as vigilantes due to which they had to spend a lot of time together and have developed a strong bonding. They do share a reliable trust level but unfortunately, Felicity has been betrayed by his boyfriend because he is trying to remake romance with Laurel Lace, his ex-girlfriend.


Felicity is a strong, nervous, kind yet brilliant personality in the season. Definitely, her character is flirting but she knows how to handle difficult situations. She owns the ability to tackle situations smoothly. She faces stressed and tense relationship with her mother because of differing personality. After sometime Oliver is back in Starling City while Felicity is focused and determined towards her career. She wants to show her mother, that Felicity can bring revolution and owns capability to introduce variation in the world. Yes, indeed she stumbles upon the lifetime opportunity and had to face obstacles to achieve her goal.


The famous and focused character of Arrow season had to face many challenges. She had to prevent The Glades, so it must not destroy. Felicity works partner John Diggle and Arrow. All of them are taking serious measures to eradicate City`s poverty by utilizing the city`s power and wealth. The idea of obliteration is challenging and welcomes many obstacles but Felicity fearlessly overcomes all sorts of situations. Arrow`s background is rich but he devotes and demands justice while Felicity is supporting him in his decisions.

Emily Bett Rickards

The character of Felicity Smoak was performed by Emily Bett Rickards who was born in 1991 on 24th July in Canada. Emily Bett Rickards completed her high school and joined Alida Vocal Studio to pursue dance and music. She planned to fulfill her dreams and began to move towards her career at a young age. Emily joined Film school and completed the essentials of action.  She performed the character of Felicity Smoak in Arrow season in 2012 and then appeared in The Flash in 2014, Brooklyn in 2015 and was nominated in Oscar. Emily played significant roles in many movies and was nominated as well. However, she won awards for her role in Supernatural.

Emily Bett Rickards personal life

Emily is a social person who loves hanging out with friends. Her Instagram, as well as Facebook followers, are great in number. Most of her posts are related to animals because she has an affectionate nature towards pets. However, Emily is still unmarried but in her past, she had many relations with prominent co-actors or artists. Her last relationship was with Colton Hayes. The couple hasn’t announced anything official yet but attracted a huge media. Currently, she is single and has no boyfriend.

Emily Bett Rickards Career

There is no doubt Emily owns a great potential to launch her career and appear in future roles. With her hugely successful movies, series, and roles, Emily is able to earn a net worth of $2 million. Emily`s character in Arrow paved way for many new opportunities. She was starred in TV shows and movies including The Flash, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Legend of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Superhero Fight Club 2.0, Brooklyn, Sidekick, Axis, Funny story, and Slumber.

Her nomination for awards includes Teen Choice Awards for Female Breakout Star, Best Lead Performance in Dramatic Series, Best TV Actress, and others.

Arrow to be continued

Though Felicity is able to fire an arrow with accuracy but still most of the time she does not know what to do. Her relationship with Oliver is romantic as well as official which makes the series a melodrama. Her personality is confident, vulnerable, tough, emotional, funny and insecure. Felicity doesn’t hesitate to share her views. She is wise enough to clear herself and present her opinions because she does not want to compromise her needs. The reason for being with him until the end will soon be revealed in the season. However, despite her bubbly innocent nature, her dark side has insecurities, fears, regrets which demands help to make her feel easy yet comfortable. Her nature is always in a search of passion.

Fans love Felicity Smoak

Yes, people often question that why Emily`s role as Felicity Smoak has earned devoted fan following? And it’s all because of  her honest working where the Arrow character was envisioned. And she gets a chance to grow better the chemistry between the couple seems realistic along with endless issues and drama. In short, she is the superhero of Arrow season and proves herself to be supportive. However, the series will further fill with more drama ahead so do not forget to continue the series Arrow.

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